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Experience Energy Independence

Tesla Powerwall 2 installed by Omzen Electric + Solar

Tesla certified retailer and installer

Depend on the trust and reliability of an experienced Tesla Powerwall installer. Omzen adheres to strict quality assurance, installation procedures and safety measures, ensuring every installation is of the highest standard.

Integrated Tesla Powerwall installations

Omzen electricians specialise in integrating Tesla Powerwall seamlessly with existing solar and electrical systems, so that your battery system is built in, not bolted on.

New build and renovation expertise

Omzen electricians specialise in Tesla Powerwall installations for new homes and renovations. Working with builders from the beginning of a project to design complete electrical and energy storage solutions for the most energy efficient homes of the future.

Aesthetic is everything

Tesla Powerwall is a sleek and beautifully designed battery. Omzen installations are beautiful as well. We go the extra mile to ensure wiring is neat, conduit is hidden, positioning is symmetrical and firecheck plaster is painted to match existing walls.

“Tesla Powerwall is a fully-integrated AC battery system providing superior storage and monitoring for consumption and backup power.”

Maximise solar consumption

Maximise solar consumption

Tesla Powerwall allows consumption of solar power at night, reducing reliance on the grid during peak times and further reducing electricity bills.

Back-up power

Back-up power

Back-up functionality means essential appliances and lighting can remain on even during a blackout.

Durable and scalable

Durable and scalable

Compact, durable and modular design allows the Tesla Powerwall to be installed inside or outside, to the floor or wall and stacked up to 10 units.

Connected and Updated

Connected and Updated

Tesla Powerwall can receive software and firmware updates directly from Tesla, meaning the battery can continue to function better over time.

“The best people to design electrical, solar and storage systems are the electricians installing it.”

Complete Home Energy Solutions

Omzen Electric + Solar specialise in complete home energy solutions

Our diverse in-house expertise means we design and install integrated electrical systems that combine the most energy efficient technologies on the market.

Solar Panels

The cornerstone of a home energy system, solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it to DC power. High performance panels can maximise your solar production and return on investment, and add value to your home or business.


Microinverter technology by Enphase is the safest, most efficiency way to convert DC power into AC power for use in your home or business. Microinverters allow panel-level monitoring ensuring the production of each panel is maximised.


A battery maximises the amount of solar power that can be consumed by allowing power stored during the day to be used at night, further reducing energy bills and giving greater energy independence by removing reliance on the grid.

EV Charger

When combined with a solar and battery system, an EV charger allows the most efficient, convenient and cost effective way to charge an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Energy Meter

By tracking solar generation, consumption and export, as well as grid consumption, an energy meter gives the most comprehensive view of how power is generated and consumed.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a highly efficient electric water heater that replaces less efficient traditional water heaters. It can be used to heat house water and can also replace inefficient solar pool heating systems to heat pools quickly and cost effectively.